Mind Cleansed Penal Legionnaire


If you take a glance at this man, you will see an average, dangerous looking convict just past his prime with an explosive collar strapped to his thick neck, probably from the slums of Malfi. But if you look closer into his thin, piercing eyes cut deep into his brown face, you will see a lifetime of great deeds and misdeeds, pleasures and pains, losses and regret. But he doesn’t remember a single one of them…


Shards of Memory
Cold water washes over your stomach. A soft, warm hand replaces it. Her unearthly beautiful eyes stare down at you, like windows to another dimension. Suddenly, the clouds blacken. It feels like the gods weep, countless, tiny fragments of a storm shattering against you and her. It ceases. The heavens part as the legendary black ship splinters through them, blotting out the sun that shined over the riverbank and the palm trees. Its godlike size and shadowy greatness dwarfs the tales you were told. And she is torn from you, floating up and away like a drowning, lifeless body. You reach out for her, but she is miles away now, her haunting, wondrous gaze still locked with yours. You rise from the water, consumed with rage. You throw rocks at the looming ship in anger, but they don’t even reach the clouds. The spec she became is now gone with the black ship. It sails out into the twinkling blueish black expanse, leaving you with the unforgiving monsoon, alone. You scream for all the stars to hear, swearing that you will take on the galaxy to see her again.


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