Dark Heresy- Burn the Heretic

The White Scholar

Xicarph, Pleasure Planet Quaddis

My Lord Inquisitor Kaede,

The day after we cleansed the chapel of the darkness that had taken it we set out to find the “White Scholar”. We knew whatever foul deeds that would take place would take place soon, perhaps under the eclipse. After some searching of the city we figured he may be hiding in a library or place of teaching. Setting out across the city to this area of town gave me time to contemplate this festival. The darkness in this city is thinly veiled behind this celebration and excess. I’ve seen men throw threats and to prepare for the “revel of darkness”, I question this cities continued existence as a colonial world without the word of the Emperor being heard.
On a note of good Sister Persephone and Sister Calista both didn’t hesitate to help the downtrodden of this city for taking us in. Nor did any of them hesitate to jump to action to defend Obadiah Psalter when he was attacked by the redacted. They are truly servants of the Emperor (Praise him).
We reached the area we suspected the White Scholar may be located and posted watches trying to catch a glimpse of somebody who fit that description. We tailed a man matching that description into the Chancel Athenaeum. We had ***redacted*** keep watch outside while we followed him deeper into a wing of the building. The building itself seemed to be a vast library and the wing we followed what looked to be genealogical texts and texts about the planets and histories.
The White Scholar is an older man, he looks like he spends too much time with his books and not enough with the outside world. We managed to corner him in between a set of stacks he was browsing in the genealogical section. We must of frightened him (good thing he hasn’t lost all sense) as he looked ready to bolt. We were able to calm him down upon giving him the code phrase thankfully.
Upon questioning him we were able to confirm some suspicions. He had come with Inquisitor Karkalla to the planet following a lead on the Beast House and was ambushed. He thinks the other group based off of our description of the Heron masked man and the other clues he’s pulled together to be none other than the Pilgrims of Hayte. He couldn’t confirm 100% but he suspected their presence on the planet could only be to do something dark, much as Inquisitor Karkalla suspected, something that would put this planet in danger at the very least.
Upon exiting the isle and getting ready to leave we were ambushed by several men, finally confirming our suspicions that the pilgrims were involved. They looked to be warp damned as they had many dark and evil looking scars carved into their body. One of their number was a dark sorcerer, and the others fought like madman but we managed to put them down quickly enough before taking casualties.
Despite our urging to come with us Septimus (the while scholar) was determined to continue his research. We left him to it but urged caution and told him to keep a careful watch. This was against my judgment but I felt that there may be something important about it and left him to continue. I think that a reading of the tarot will help guide us.
“The man who has nothing can still have faith.”



Krugsdemise Krugsdemise

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