Dark Heresy- Burn the Heretic

The fate of a planet

Persephone has a vision

Data slate entry 12.27.5557.1

Thought for the day: “Heresy begets treason, treason begets retribution.”

Everything is finally coming together. At last we’ve made it into the opulence of Gabriel Chase and are moments away from finding our quarry. As soon as we set foot into this refuge of unholy over-indulgence I briefly worried about the prospect of encountering one of my kin here. Family far removed, but recognizable. I would definitely not hesitate in chastising whomever it may be. They would not understand though, luckily I was removed from that life before I grew too accustomed to it.

I contemplate if this will be where I martyr myself in the Emperor’s name. I will surely find out soon. These clocks remind me of every moment closer that I am to this moment. If my companions and I succeed I would like to see this world change. I would like to be the catalyst for such a change. I found some like minded people on this planet and perhaps they would join me. This vision would transform Quaddis into a haven of law and justice in the Emperor’s name.

+++End of log entry***


Krugsdemise Funker_Vogt

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