Dark Heresy- Burn the Heretic

Begining Session of the Campaign

Inquisitor Kaede ordered Trim to collect them, these souls that would run the gauntlet. If they managed to survive the endless tests and psychological examination they would be going through far worse in the days to come.

The tests were unforgiving. Guardsman, assassins and even clerics were all found lacking in the face of the Inquisitions testing. 3 souls made it through, 1 of them only because he had the backing of Inquisitor Kaede himself. The other 2 were of the Adeptus Sororitas and as such had already endured many tests of their faith and purity.

The first, a penal legionnaire had made it through because he was as much of a clean slate as a 1 year old. Mind wiped, a process that expunged a man’s past and left them with most of their sanity in tact and with it a second chance to serve the emperor. Even though he would have no memory of his crimes, Inquisitor Kaede believed that he should be fitted with the neck rig just in case. Somethings are not left to chance.

The second, a Adeptus Sororitas that was born into an upper class of the Imperium chose to eschew that in exchange for a life of servitude to the Emperor. She has proven herself to be above her peers and deserves a chance to serve the Emperor in a bigger capacity.

The 3rd, a Sister Hospitaller, had proven herself in the past in the care of another Inquisitor. Not only did she have medical expertise that would serve their small group, but she knew secrets and as such should be kept close.

They were few, and the first assignment he had in mind wouldn’t be easy even for a proper squad. Sending them to a Navy Depot where rumors of trade with Xenos for weaponry and others goods will be a sufficient test at their skills of survival and investigation. Inquisitor Kaede planned their mission at the behest of Inquistor Karakalla, of the Ordo Xenos. Inquisitor Karakalla had long suspected that the Beast House had been routing xenos through the port but until recently had little to back it.

So it begins..

Merchant Ship Yersina

My Lord Inquisitor Kaede,

This is the first of my reports on the newest Acolytes (Theta group). They are still green, thus far I wonder if this mission was a good starting point for them as they are not as subtle and covert as some of the other candidates. I’ve read their aura’s though and they are pure, that is except ***Redacted***, who I’m sure you know has a much darker aura, but the markings of one who seeks redemption even if he doesn’t know it yet.

Transit has been mostly uneventful, I’ve kept out of their way so that I could observe, and they’ve done a good job of going to work and getting past this part of the mission. The only thing I question is their basic knowledge when it comes to standard ships armaments. Maybe this is something we can expand their learning’s on later, they suspected a focusing crystal for ship las weapons was xenos technology. I imagine taking many risks to let me know as such as well. They also got into a fight with some drunks(killing some) and while this was mostly unavoidable they at least showed they were good in combat, though I’d rather know they were able to avoid combat.

We are docking soon, my next update will hopefully include the leads that Karakalla has left for us.

Your faithful servant,
Sebastian Trim

Red Cages

My Lord Inquisitor Kaede,

Things have gone awry, we’ve been displaced off of our mission when we were abducted after leaving the Yersinia. Thus far we’ve discovered we are located on the planet Quaddis, the pleasure planet. I’ve read briefings on this planet and I know that there is little help to be had. What makes this worse is we’ve found Inquisitor Karakalla, and he has fallen. We recovered his weapons but his seal had been nailed into his body. We were careful to burn his remains so that no more foulness could touch him. Before I go on, I will start at the beginning.

We woke to find ourselves in a sandy pit with several others. I was unable to feel the warp as I normally do so at first I thought it was a nightmare. After fighting off these monsters that had been let in presumably to feed on us (we lost several citizens in the process, and while it was quick thinking, the sister hospitaller didn’t hesitate to throw one to the beasts.), a ladder descended and we made our escape from the pit. Above, was a note pinned to the wall with a mono blade, I’ve attached it in my report. From there we moved through the dark twisted industrial hell and found few armaments that might serve us in our flight. Having no idea where we were or who had abducted us I let the Acolytes do their best to find us a way out. They showed themselves to be resourceful and steadfast and didn’t waste any time in trying to find a way out. My only comment would be on the intelligence of ***redacted***, as he didn’t hesitate to move into a room that looked to be a shrine to a dark god. While his courage is admirable a malign spirit seemed to take hold of him until we destroyed the idol in the room. Further observation of him will be required to make sure his soul is pure, I will keep close watch. Purge the Unclean We were able to recover our armor in a room that looked to be a feed processor for some unseen beasts.

Upon exploring some more we found our way to a vast hall where we found our way out, Vault 13.

The Emperor watches over us all,


And I Feel That Times A Wasted
Calista's Log, Red Cages

“…So where ya going til the shadow?…”

That is what the mad Inquisitor Guiller kept idly humming in his guttural voice while I administered my last dose of rejuvnat serum to him less than a year ago. I was to leave the next day for my new posting on Scintilla. He rattled his chains at me and gave me an unnerving wink with his clouded eye…. …Now it echoes through my conscience, driving me to desperation as we find ourselves bereft of our equipment below ground, with others, in a dank, filth-smelling arena. I grab a frantically squealing prisoner, in tatters like myself, and tell him to steel himself, for the baying and growling and patter of claws fast approaches, and he had better be with us. He looks as a simpleton, probably a hive laborer for whom life should end from exhaustion at a workbench or upon a menial’s cot, not from a grim flaying given by wild beasts. He cannot comprehend me in his panic. Guardsmen, like the Janissaries I served, are of a different quality than this one. His wild eyes dart here and there and I see that there is no use in him.

“…And when the dogs do find her,
Got a life, to spend, to gain for
Tomorrow…To find him, To find him…”

I don’t recall what compelled me to throw the man towards the gate. I saw the ravening canines tear his limbs off, his pleading eyes looking at me in shocking wonder. Guiller’s prophetic words now mock me and I know I have just stained the honor of the Hospitallers to gain a few moments more of life. The man will never return to his little hab-flat,…in which likely contained a modest shrine to the Emperor of All Mankind. But we make it out of the death pit that is filling with even more of the howling, bloodthirsty creatures as well as the fallen. For this, the man’s lifeblood drains, and fills my cup of regret.
“And I feel, so much depends on
The widower
So is he hunting in these red rooms?”

The lyrics he mumbled haunt me as I contemplate this labyrinth of caged terrors under Xicarph, painted an unholy crimson from the countless xenos beasts and the prey that they fed on. I vow to myself to atone for sending a citizen to his death,…to at least keep these other escapees alive until we get out of these forsaken halls. And more. With a gun I find, I blast apart a crude idol made to honor an unholy being. Before this day, I hope to use this gun again for the one whom I chose to martyr.
“…Where ya goin’ where the masks are found?”
How is it that I remember this song so well?

Vault 13
Red Cages

My Lord Inquisitor Kaede,

Vault 13 appeared to be a staging point for the Beast House operations. We elected to take a stealthier route upon entering as we had no idea what forces were arrayed against us. The heretics present did not seem to be alert to our presence which allowed us to infiltrate the edges and eliminate a few soldiers before drawing the rest into the conflict. The acolytes performed their duties well each distinguishing themselves in combat.

After we eliminated the opposition we investigated what resembled a field hospital pod common to many battlefields. Inside we found Inquisitor Karkalla. The heretics had tortured him for what must of been days. Inquisitor Karkalla was lucid though and we were able to confirm that in addition to the Beat House operating here there are darker forces on the move. He had been ambushed some time before and most of his men had been slaughtered. Few escaped and he gave us information on finding one of his number, the white scholar. We swore that we would find out more about the heron masked man who had tortured in and what was happening. Inquisitor Karkalla also informed us where we were, Quaddis. I’ve heard rumors of this planet but have had no formal briefing. I knew that the city Xicarph was a den of excess and a haven of the rich and powerful of the sector. The rest of the city was divided into fiefs that each lord had complete control over. Upon his request we burned his body and recovered his weapons to be returned to the conclave. My lord he was a shining example of what it is to be a true servant of the Emperor and his will be greatly missed by all.

After we recovered our wits a great elevator descended from the shaft above with a small group of Beast House members (including an Ogryn) that we dispatched before riding the lift to the surface.

I didn’t speak much of what else was located in vault 13 as we had little time to investigate all of it, I did manage to recover a small map of the area before we left on the bodies of one of the guards that I included before. I recommend that the area is purged and the Beast House thoroughly expunged.

“No man died in His service that died in vain.”


Xicarph, Pleasure Planet Quaddis

My Lord Inquisitor Kaede

Upon our ascent to the surface of the planet we found ourselves on some sort of dais in a vast plaza amidst a colorful celebration. We quickly relocated ourselves trying to find a place to lay low and get our bearings but this proved no quick task. We had no money and we feared that the Beast House would be on our trail as soon as they discovered what had transpired in the cages below.
We first made our way to the administration buildings by the space port hoping to find some vestige of Imperial authority. Finding out that the government does little more then provide the basest of functions on the planet and with no way off the planet or to call for aid we set out for the poorer districts of the city in hopes of finding lodging that is low enough in price to accommodate us. The entire city is celebrating it seems, they call it the “Festival of Tattered Fate”. There is to be a eclipse soon, and this celebration is what leads up to it. I’ve not had much time to find out more and the group didn’t seem that interested in finding out more about it.

On our way while crossing through a plaza we happened upon a man preaching the Emperor’s word. What caught our attention was him saying to not trust the Heron masked man, for he is a false prophet. Seconds after saying this a large explosion ripped through the crowd and we rushed to aid the injured.

The preacher introduced himself as Obadiah Psalter. He had been in the retinue of a nobleman passing through Quaddis and he decided that the city was in need of the Emperor’s word. After talking to him we discovered also that he was forced out of his makeshift chapel in the shattered ramparts by a Heron masked man. We agreed that we would go with him to retake his chapel and his congregation, and for that he offered us a place to stay overnight in one of his congregations homes. My lord, this man had nothing but the dregs and half-mad with him but his devotion to the Emperor is unquestionable.

The following day we went to his chapel and discovered that it had been profaned by those that forced him out. There were symbols of ***Redacted*** all over the walls and when we approached the front ***Redacted*** attacked us coming from a pool of blood on the floor. We quickly dispatched the foul ***Redacted*** and cleansed the chapel of the filth that had been left there. We found some documents on genealogy but have yet to make sense of it(as well as maps of Gabriel Chase, the manse in the center of the city that belongs to the Haarlock line.)

After resting from this fight we set out to find the White Scholar.

“There is only the Emperor, and he is our shield and protector.”



The Fallen Ramparts
Xicarph, Pleasure Planet Quaddis

We followed the preacher, Obadiah Salter, to his makeshift chapel, now desecrated with foul sigils of chaos across its doors and outer walls. I signed the aquilla before crossing the threshold and my eyes witnessed even worse. The benches and pews were speckled in dried blood, and more unholy daubings festooned the interior, as if heinous rituals and ceremonies had usurped the proper worship of the Emperor. I felt for Salter, who had sought to plant a seed of faith among the ostentatious masses of this forsaken planet and curb their licentious behaviors. His work had ended abruptly, hijacked by the one who wears the heron mask. p. As we approached the profaned altar to cleanse it, a trio of murderous warp fiends set upon us, seemingly out of the reeking climate of corruption that had settled into this chamber. Their gibbering maws and clawed, twitching limbs scampered towards us, imperiling our meager faithful that sought to undo the works of the heretic. We engaged them in fierce combat, and prevailed, sending them back to the nether-hells that spawned them. I ministered to our many wounds inflicted by these demons as best I could. p. Sister Persephone and I also sought to effect the best reconsecration of the tarnished aquilla with the strongest litanies and prayers learned from our convents, but, I fear, the taint of warp-worship is far too deeply ingrained into grounds of this place for even the most reverent Obadiah Salter to overcome. I am forwarding his good name to the Ecclesiarchy for ranking and the authority, as well as the material means, to shepherd this world back into the fold of the Emperor. With the worthies such as Salter seated in a proper cathedral, His light will fall again on the people of Quaddis.

The White Scholar
Xicarph, Pleasure Planet Quaddis

My Lord Inquisitor Kaede,

The day after we cleansed the chapel of the darkness that had taken it we set out to find the “White Scholar”. We knew whatever foul deeds that would take place would take place soon, perhaps under the eclipse. After some searching of the city we figured he may be hiding in a library or place of teaching. Setting out across the city to this area of town gave me time to contemplate this festival. The darkness in this city is thinly veiled behind this celebration and excess. I’ve seen men throw threats and to prepare for the “revel of darkness”, I question this cities continued existence as a colonial world without the word of the Emperor being heard.
On a note of good Sister Persephone and Sister Calista both didn’t hesitate to help the downtrodden of this city for taking us in. Nor did any of them hesitate to jump to action to defend Obadiah Psalter when he was attacked by the redacted. They are truly servants of the Emperor (Praise him).
We reached the area we suspected the White Scholar may be located and posted watches trying to catch a glimpse of somebody who fit that description. We tailed a man matching that description into the Chancel Athenaeum. We had ***redacted*** keep watch outside while we followed him deeper into a wing of the building. The building itself seemed to be a vast library and the wing we followed what looked to be genealogical texts and texts about the planets and histories.
The White Scholar is an older man, he looks like he spends too much time with his books and not enough with the outside world. We managed to corner him in between a set of stacks he was browsing in the genealogical section. We must of frightened him (good thing he hasn’t lost all sense) as he looked ready to bolt. We were able to calm him down upon giving him the code phrase thankfully.
Upon questioning him we were able to confirm some suspicions. He had come with Inquisitor Karkalla to the planet following a lead on the Beast House and was ambushed. He thinks the other group based off of our description of the Heron masked man and the other clues he’s pulled together to be none other than the Pilgrims of Hayte. He couldn’t confirm 100% but he suspected their presence on the planet could only be to do something dark, much as Inquisitor Karkalla suspected, something that would put this planet in danger at the very least.
Upon exiting the isle and getting ready to leave we were ambushed by several men, finally confirming our suspicions that the pilgrims were involved. They looked to be warp damned as they had many dark and evil looking scars carved into their body. One of their number was a dark sorcerer, and the others fought like madman but we managed to put them down quickly enough before taking casualties.
Despite our urging to come with us Septimus (the while scholar) was determined to continue his research. We left him to it but urged caution and told him to keep a careful watch. This was against my judgment but I felt that there may be something important about it and left him to continue. I think that a reading of the tarot will help guide us.
“The man who has nothing can still have faith.”


Fate's Wheel
Xicarph, Pleasure Planet Quaddis

My Lord Inquisitor Kaede

Taking on the Pilgrims that ambushed us that wanted to kill Septimus showed us that we may need more firepower to take them on should we encounter them with significant numbers. Talking to the public one of the places that deals in better armaments and black market goods is called Fate’s Wheel. A bar, a gambling cesspool, and a den of evil all, Fate’s Wheel had everything somebody who was up to no good would need. They had a bar of course, serving everything from fine wines to the darkest brews. Along the far wall weapon deals were made, they had most of the things I would expect of a place like this and a few more. I have not seen too many melta weapons in black market but the owner of this establishment clearly could afford it. In between the bar and the weapons sales they have fighting pits between everything you can imagine. Xenos, humans and monsters I’ve never seen all fighting it out in the dark sands while people cheered from the gantries above.

Fate’s Wheel was a very large establishment to say the least. We were required to give up firearms at the door, so I advised caution in our dealings so we wouldn’t get overwhelmed should things take a turn for the worse. We have little money and prices were high, seeing this perhaps, a lady approached us. Malfian by her dress I surmised she was a little out of her element here as well so I was curious what reasons could bring her to such a place. Her name is Lady Melua, a Malfian Noblewoman whose brother had been abducted some time before. She was looking for clues to finding him and her clues had ended in Xicarph. Paying us a small fee upfront and giving us a picture gave us something to work with and some new weapons and ammunition should we need them.

Perhaps to balance out our luck in finding a way to finance our mission we ran afoul a clearly drunk citizen who demanded satisfaction by dueling. ***Redacted*** and I entered an arena, as it seemed the easiest way to again earn more money (the fool wanted to bet us). One of the men he sent against us had gotten his hands on an eviscerator Emperor knows where. After dispatching them and collecting our winnings we made a few more purchases and made to leave the establishment before more trouble could brew.

This was not to be. We were stopped on our way out by a pair of dark looking fellows that took us to a corner booth. The man here introduced himself as Papa Grist, the owner of Fate’s Wheel and master of many trades. Apparently he had upset a rival named the Spider Bride, who is in charge of the courtesans in the pleasure gardens and a big power in the city as well. He made us a deal, kill her and he would give us tickets into Gabriel Chase (the Haarlock Manse) and 1000 throne gelt each which would be more than enough to help us finance the rest of this mission. Seeing it as perhaps the best course of action as the Gabriel Chase seemed like the next destination to solving the mysteries of this city and crusade against the Pilgrims of Hayte we agreed.

“Work earns Salvation.”


The fate of a planet
Persephone has a vision

Data slate entry 12.27.5557.1

Thought for the day: “Heresy begets treason, treason begets retribution.”

Everything is finally coming together. At last we’ve made it into the opulence of Gabriel Chase and are moments away from finding our quarry. As soon as we set foot into this refuge of unholy over-indulgence I briefly worried about the prospect of encountering one of my kin here. Family far removed, but recognizable. I would definitely not hesitate in chastising whomever it may be. They would not understand though, luckily I was removed from that life before I grew too accustomed to it.

I contemplate if this will be where I martyr myself in the Emperor’s name. I will surely find out soon. These clocks remind me of every moment closer that I am to this moment. If my companions and I succeed I would like to see this world change. I would like to be the catalyst for such a change. I found some like minded people on this planet and perhaps they would join me. This vision would transform Quaddis into a haven of law and justice in the Emperor’s name.

+++End of log entry***


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