Weltrax Damas

Crimson Guard


Over six and a half feet tall Weltrax is a picture of what it embodies to be a member of the Venatorii. Crimson robes hide his cybernetic arms and extensive modifications to his body.
While the upper half of his face mostly resembles a normal human’s, his mouth and neck are covered with a rebreather and cables running into his armor beneath.
Known for his skill with his lathe-lasrifle and power fist he is a skilled warrior.



Weltrax is a member of the Crimson Guard, a Venatorii. Holding the rank of Triarius Executus he has led many of the Machine-God’s most devout into battle. Not only is Weltrax well-known for his sharp mind, but he is also an peerless warrior.
He has off the map for many years, not since the Explorator fleet he was assigned to had met heavy action with orcs venturing towards the Calaxis sector. The orcs boarded several of the fleets ships and vicious fighting saw much of the fleet heavily damaged. Weltrax himself was responsible for fighting the Orc Boss that sought to enter the bridge of the “Golden Night”. After a back and forth fight that waged for hours Weltrax was finally able to bring him down with a mighty blow of his power fist.
Since then Inquisitor Kaede’s contacts can only tell him that he has held many positions of great importance.

Weltrax Damas

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