The White Scholar aka Septimus Dexter

Inquisitor Karkalla's Acolyte


The aged, stifling dusty, and forgetful persona that most see, however, is a facade that hides a razor sharp mind that has long been in the service of the Calixian Ordos. He is clothed in white, and carries a compact plasma pistol.


A seller of rare books and a scholar of heraldry and the history of noble blood lines the acolytes first encountered him at the Chancel Athenaeum. His activation phrase had been “What can be found in the ninth stack on Prol?” He answered: “Emptiness” .
Upon question him the Acolytes had been attacked by members of what Septimus believed to be the Pilgrims of Hayte. Septimus stayed to continue his research of the genealogical lines as he believed they held great importance in what lays ahead.

The White Scholar aka Septimus Dexter

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