Sebastian Trim

Inquisitor Kaede's Acolyte


Trim is skilled in the use of several weapons, namely his intricately made sword and a Hecuter autopistol he is rarely seen with. He will usually be seen in a black body glove as to not restrict his movement.

Trim has dark skin with closely cropped grey hair. Age doesn’t show on his face and with technology as it is its difficult to tell what age he is. His eyes however do show age, someone who is old enough to know terror and war and darkness.

He is an agile man, skilled in the use of the blade and with a will of steel. He has never failed an assignment and his other skills complement any team that is on.


Inquisitor Kaede,

Attached to this packet are detailed files on Sebastian Trim. I’m requesting that he be taken up in your service as he has demonstrated significant abilities and I think he would be of service. He is a gifted swordsman and a quick thinker. I’m sure that this alone is appealing but he is also a * sentences redacted*.

While his file is anything but perfect(his uncanny ability to resist any mind scans has several of our ordo concerned) he has passed every other test that we can administer. So while there is some concern that there may be some inner darkness in him we have no proof of this. If there is any additional information we can provide we will gladly do so.

The emperor protects,

Nicholas Cant
Scholastica Redacted

Sebastian Trim

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