Persephone Angelus Argentus III

Jeremies Adeptus Sororitas



Strawberry-Blond hair cropped short

Green eyes

150 lbs

Age 20

Distinguishing features: She has a lazy eye so it looks as if she’s looking elsewhere when talking directly to someone. She had a tattoo on the back of her neck (now scarred over from self-mutilation) that designated her as the next matriarch in her culture.


Hailing from the once prominent Argentus bloodline Persephone understood very little of what led to her family’s fall from grace, but more of the results of it. As a part of a reparations negotiation from an Imperial censure against the House Argentus Persephone, next in line in the matriarchy was given over to the convent at the age of 7. This (along with lesser penalties) was negotiated in order to prevent a total collapse of the family’s holdings in the Calixis sector. The Imperial authorities were reluctant to allow their collapse since it would have a domino effect on trade goods and tithe collection amongst the lesser houses.

As Persephone grew older she slowly changed her opinion of being separated from her family. She once hated her matrons and her new sisters (having only brothers before), but as she learned more about her family from her infrequent contact with them she began to see them as petty individuals grasping for whatever power they can get. Her faith in the Emperor grew with each passing years and one of the defining moments of her separation from her past was her induction into the Adeptus Sororitas. The Argentus family despaired as now they had no hope of re-attaining their next matriarch. They knew full well that Persephone like all her sisters will never bear children due to the vow.

Now in her 20th year she is driven with a new purpose in life other than the aquisition of power. She serves a power greater than wealth.

Persephone Angelus Argentus III

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