Calista Ichinose

Wil's Hospitaller


Height : 1.65m
Weight : 60kg
Build : athletic, slender
Skin Colour : tan
Hair Colour : dark brown
Eye Colour : grey-green
Quirk : fleur-de-lys electoo on left cheek
Calista is clothed in the ash-grey robes and habit of the Order Vespila, underneath which lies her jet black Hospitaller Carapace, newly issued from the Thicaline Synod, with its gauntlets adorned with injectors and digitools. Her Medicae Tool satchel is strapped across one shoulder, swung easily to the front to survey the contents. Her Chaplet Ecclesiasticus hangs at her waist, composed of dozens of adamantium beads, polished by her counting fingertips. She keeps her Ring of Suffrage on her right ring finger, and her Rule of the Sororitas in a case on her belt. She normally carries a holstered Guard-issue Laspistol strapped to her left thigh.

Divination : “Faith heals all wounds.”

She is also currently carrying a pump-action shotgun, a report from the late Inquisitor Karkalla of the events pertaining to his retinue upon Quaddiss, and the facial remains of the creature known as the Widower wrapped in a shred of tapestry from the ruins of the Gabriel Chase manse.


784.M41 Calista Ichinose born on to unknown parentage (the Ichinose name was given to her from a hab block on Barsapine where she was found) and raised in the Schola Progenium of Tephane in the Adrantis Sub-sector. She is noted as smart and devout.

792.M41 Drill Abbess Golienne seconds her candicacy to the Adeptus Sororitas and she is sent to the Convent Prioris on Holy Terra, thriving and excelling as a scholar

802.M41 Her aptitude scores qualify her as a candidate for the Order Hospitaller and she is given to the “dark sisters” of Order Vespila who take her back to the Calixis Sector to the Drusus Marches into their Hospice Magna on the hiveworld and Diocese seat Thical for indoctrination and intensive training.

810.M41 Calista takes the final oaths as full Hospitaller and is sent to the field hospital units of the Protasian front. She works among the Maccabian Janissary regiments fighting the apostatic Arch-Bishop Galarphan, serving on a Field Chirurgeon team and granting the Martyr’s Gift to revive a commander who was then able to rally his line and prevent a breakthrough by the heretic forces:

++++++++ From : Loftomiel Zircan, Chirurgeon General, 3rd Maccabian Arms Chirurgeon Hospice, Protasia
++++++++ To : Aurelia, Canoness, Ordo Vespila, Hospice Magna Thicaline, Thical
++++++++ Via Astropath – beacon 348711-09(ibg)
++++++++ Countersignal 210619
++++++++ Thought : “Take the blow for the Emperor’s worthies and your own worth is multiplied.”

Canoness Aurelia:

We return Sister Calista back to you with the a Silver Drusian Tear, awarded on the field after miraculously reviving Major Adontius of the 244th Maccabian Janissaries so that he continue to lead his guards on a countercharge to prevent the forces of the heretic from overwhelming our defences. Overcome with the strain to preserve the Major, she immediately fell, struck down sympathetically just as Adontius rose from his death bed to meet the enemy. We managed to stabilize her and hope that she will recover fully so that she may use her talents again in the name of the Emperor. The 244th Maccabian, from line troopers to the highest officers, will remember her deed in their regimental annals. She has served well even before this heroic act, in capacities ranging from evacuating the wounded to preparing funerary rituals for our honorably deceased. She is a capable combatant and we hope you continue to send the likes of her to serve our field hospices. Every guardsman holds the ministrations of the Hospitallers in high regard, as our “recover, battle-ready” statistical indicators have always increased where your Sisters in grey are present.

-Chirurgeon General Zoluftmiel Zircan, Maccabeus Imperial Guard

813.M41 She is rotated from the war back to Thicaline Synod to recover and undergo further training and testing and is found particularly uncorruptible by the Ecclesiarchy and agents of Ordo Malleus.

.M41 She is posted to serve Ordo Malleus at the First Cloister on the edge of the Threnos Zone near 88 Tanstar. She works in the Crypt of the Nameless administering treatment to Inquisitors who have become insane in their work, but are still useful in providing information. She is assigned to monitor the health of Inquisitor Guiller D’Pazoi:

++++++++ From : Benweigh, Arch Warden, Crypt of the Nameless, First Cloister, Threnos
++++++++ To : <redact>, Ordo <redact>, Tricorn, Sibellus, Scintilla
++++++++ Via Astropath – beacon 643987-51(ibg)
++++++++ Countersignal 328955
++++++++ Thought : “If the only thing that is shed at the end of his mortal coil is the heretic’s body, then you have done something wrong.”

Lord Inqusitor <redact>:

The interment and observation of Inquisitor Guiller D’Pazoi continues into it’s one hundred second year as we continue to administer rejuvant treatments and induced physiogrammic conditioning to maintain him. His raving and hallucinatory performances continue to be mined for clues to the demon cult believed responsible for the mass-induced hysteria among the ranks of Imperial Guard fighting on the Intan continental front of Malice. His Ordo funeral ceremony will be greatly remembered among us.

At this point, the average rate of D’Pazoi’s references to the <redact> and their connection to demonic entities is two per year as recorded by our psychically dampened moniservitors (transcripts attached.) Furthermore, one per eleven alludes to the Hereticus Tenebrae, as it has been ascertained that he was present during an aborted ritual intended to summon the Tyrant Star in the vicinity of the Golgenna Reach.

We have transferred him to a more secure isolation cell and have exchanged our maintenance personnel due to a recent incident. Security was compromised when he had somehow obtained the passkey that could potentially release an entire wing of internees. In a rare moment of lucidity, he relinquished to passkey and I was able to avoid the termination option. We now know that our staff must be of the utmost quality and more frequently rotated out to avoid undue psychological transference issues with our respected internees.

I was able to not terminate him and maintain his usefulness to our cause through the assistance of Sister Hospitaller Calista of the Order Vespila. As his primary medicae, she alone was able to convince him to return to his cell and return the key. I have ended her service here and now send her to you, as her proximity to Inquistor D’Pazoi may have unknown consequences. Thus, it is better to have her under your watch. You will find her an able and pure-hearted individual to include in your organization, having served the Emperor with the Maccabian Janissary regiments fighting on Protasia with distinction before coming to me. As a Vespilan, you may note her skill in forensics as well.

We will continue to keep Inquisitor D’Pazoi in his restless state until his reference ratios become insignificant, though we may eventually require a demusculature procedure to maintain his safety. His contributions, both in the years when he was sane and fit, and as now deeply addled, have greatly added to our armament of knowledge against the host of the warp.

-Arch Warden Deotr Benweigh, Ordo Malleus

Calista Ichinose

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