Dark Heresy- Burn the Heretic

Steel Cannot Feel, Only the Skin Within

Mechanicus Communique Re: S. Calista

++++++++ From : Geno-Seer Octobus Priam
++++++++ To : Venatorii Weltrax Damas, Crimson Guard
++++++++ Via Astropath – beacon 968317-02(lrt)
++++++++ Countersignal 742332
++++++++Cypheron Omnissiahnas : T56

++++Venatorii Weltrax,

Calista Ichinose of Sisters Vespila has been an asset in our investigation of the body of servitors employed within the Andoth lathe-stack, currently under quarantine level extremis. Domestic clone-vat tissue harvests for the construction of servitors were at 99.03 purity index to generation 937 from founding before this incident. The Kameron Dase virus infection was narrowed to generation 827 D batch and all servitor organ tissue derived from it. Symptoms ranged from autonomic catastrophic demise to uncontrolled rage akin to exposure to a berserker pulse. High virulence spread the contagion to other servitor populations in the manufactorium. The rampage of the servitor riots have gutted the lower core of the lathe-stack, reducing it’s manufactoring output by a factor of 0.02. The remaining servitors and labor helots have now been contained within a haywire field surrounded by a maniple of skitarii in case of quarantine breach.

The Sister aided Magus Genetor Ouz’s staff in identifying the virus, apparently due to her immunity to the cloaking aspect inherent in it’s warp-coded nucleic structure. As she was the only one among the alchemis, biologis and genetoris who displayed outward duress in the forensic examinations of the servitors, our logician deduced to 0.97 probability that her status as an initiated “Bride of the Emperor”(illog-sic) would narrow the candidate viruses to those of demonic nature. Withstanding strong nausea due to inherent weakness of her un-augmented physique, she continued at her examination station until we had compiled the data necessary to identify an anterograde Kameron Dase agent. The vectors of this virus are still under intense investigation, and allies among Ordo Malleus have been requested. We recommend that Calista get a total sanguinary flush and neural alignment after her efforts here.

Despite her lack of cortex implants, we have granted her some basic instruction in the proper summoning of machine spirits as well as identification and use of the many chemicals used in our laboratorium. We will bequeath to her the chem-dosing vivisector issued and fitted to her during the forensic exams, as she gained much proficiency during her stay with us. Your temporary commission of Sister Calista to our service during this investigation will be recorded to Magus Genetor Ouz.

We honor your recent victory over the abominations that would pervert the Quest for Knowledge. Be prepared to receive further summons to serve the Omnissiah in our war against that which would taint our creations.

Geno-Seer Octobus Priam
“Flesh is fallible, but ritual honours the Machine Spirit” (The 15th Precept)++++


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