Dark Heresy- Burn the Heretic

Shards of Memory 2

It was just darkness and flickering lights in the vast passenger section. My situation was much darker. I was strapped down to a hurtling torpedo with 400 other hopeless souls lost in space. What bloodbath we would be hurled into I didn’t know. But making it there was another matter. "I know you are angry at me. But if you let me see Dreah one last time. I will rededicate my life to you. I swear it,” I whispered to the aquila I hid under my rags. I wasn’t allowed to do this here. “Please Empero…-”
“Say that again?” an insane voice asked. I looked to the side and saw a grimy drug crazed pirate and the scorched barrel of a laspistol staring right back at me. I was scared but then I laughed because he didn’t realize he slid a poorly overcharged clip in. “What?”
“Shoot me.” I snarled back, still smiling. He pulled the trigger and the ear shattering explosion turned his hand to a bloody mess. He was even uglier than he started when I plunged my bolo knife through his mouth before he could scream.


Krugsdemise apolinario466

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