Dark Heresy- Burn the Heretic

Shards of Memory

Quaddis to Scintilla via warp travel

Cold water washed over my stomach. A soft, warm hand replaced it. Her unearthly beautiful eyes stared down at me, like windows to another dimension. Suddenly, the clouds blackened. It felt like the gods wept, countless, tiny fragments of a storm shattering against me and her. It ceased. The heavens parted as the legendary black ship splintered through them, blotting out the sun that shined over the riverbank and the palm trees. Its godlike size and shadowy greatness dwarfed the tales I was told. And she was torn from me, floating up and away like a drowning, lifeless body. I reached out for her, but she was miles away now, her haunting, wondrous gaze still locked on mine. I rose from the water, consumed with rage. I hurled rocks at the looming ship in anger, but they didn’t even reach the clouds. The spec she became was gone with the black ship. It sailed out into the twinkling blueish black expanse, leaving me with the unforgiving monsoon, alone. I screamed for all the stars to hear, swearing that I would take on the galaxy to see her again.
These are the screams I jarringly woke up to. There was no great black ship of my dreams, just the cold, durasteel floor of reality that I fell on. A king sized bed was right next to me. I remembered where I was.
No where. In a voidship floating through the depths of the Immaterium. And so was my dreaming mind…
I had one question on my mind. Who was she? Then another one…
Who am I?


Krugsdemise apolinario466

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