Dark Heresy- Burn the Heretic

Fate's Wheel

Xicarph, Pleasure Planet Quaddis

My Lord Inquisitor Kaede

Taking on the Pilgrims that ambushed us that wanted to kill Septimus showed us that we may need more firepower to take them on should we encounter them with significant numbers. Talking to the public one of the places that deals in better armaments and black market goods is called Fate’s Wheel. A bar, a gambling cesspool, and a den of evil all, Fate’s Wheel had everything somebody who was up to no good would need. They had a bar of course, serving everything from fine wines to the darkest brews. Along the far wall weapon deals were made, they had most of the things I would expect of a place like this and a few more. I have not seen too many melta weapons in black market but the owner of this establishment clearly could afford it. In between the bar and the weapons sales they have fighting pits between everything you can imagine. Xenos, humans and monsters I’ve never seen all fighting it out in the dark sands while people cheered from the gantries above.

Fate’s Wheel was a very large establishment to say the least. We were required to give up firearms at the door, so I advised caution in our dealings so we wouldn’t get overwhelmed should things take a turn for the worse. We have little money and prices were high, seeing this perhaps, a lady approached us. Malfian by her dress I surmised she was a little out of her element here as well so I was curious what reasons could bring her to such a place. Her name is Lady Melua, a Malfian Noblewoman whose brother had been abducted some time before. She was looking for clues to finding him and her clues had ended in Xicarph. Paying us a small fee upfront and giving us a picture gave us something to work with and some new weapons and ammunition should we need them.

Perhaps to balance out our luck in finding a way to finance our mission we ran afoul a clearly drunk citizen who demanded satisfaction by dueling. ***Redacted*** and I entered an arena, as it seemed the easiest way to again earn more money (the fool wanted to bet us). One of the men he sent against us had gotten his hands on an eviscerator Emperor knows where. After dispatching them and collecting our winnings we made a few more purchases and made to leave the establishment before more trouble could brew.

This was not to be. We were stopped on our way out by a pair of dark looking fellows that took us to a corner booth. The man here introduced himself as Papa Grist, the owner of Fate’s Wheel and master of many trades. Apparently he had upset a rival named the Spider Bride, who is in charge of the courtesans in the pleasure gardens and a big power in the city as well. He made us a deal, kill her and he would give us tickets into Gabriel Chase (the Haarlock Manse) and 1000 throne gelt each which would be more than enough to help us finance the rest of this mission. Seeing it as perhaps the best course of action as the Gabriel Chase seemed like the next destination to solving the mysteries of this city and crusade against the Pilgrims of Hayte we agreed.

“Work earns Salvation.”



Krugsdemise Krugsdemise

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