Dark Heresy- Burn the Heretic

Double Dealings

Xicarph, Pleasure Planet Quaddis

My Lord Inquisitor Kaede,

When we met this “Spider Bride” I knew this may be an enemy we may not be able to best, but thankfully we had another option. It appears that Grist was not the only one hoping to quickly eliminate a rival and adversary. She offered us much the same deal, tickets to the Gabriel Chase for killing Grist. Her reasons for wanting this were much more convincing however, as it was easy to see that Grist is parasite and blight upon this city. The acolytes talked to her as I evaluated her defenses and support. She had many courtesans in the room and outer rooms which I’m sure are not merely for looks, they probably carry hidden blades or more.

The “Spider Bride” herself was more then meets the eye, I could see a concealed power blade in the arm of her chair as well as she had many augmentations that I’m not familiar with. I suspect something darker is at work but I have no evidence to support that claim, just a dark feeling.

After discussing among ourselves we decided not only would killing Grist be a more desirable route but that it may be more feasible. She gave us a box to give to him and instructions to “stand back”. I’m sure its not an explosive but who knows what other manner of things it could hold.

Getting back to Fate’s Wheel didn’t take nearly as long as it took getting to the Pleasure Gardens now that we knew the path. Surrendering our bigger weapons at the door once more I questioned the sanity of our current plan, sure I was able to hold onto my blade and the Acolytes theirs(and small arms), but what of his enforcers and numerous other guards? I could see guards along the wall and throughout the establishment, not all are reliably to be sure but enough that would make our escape very difficult.

Grist welcomed us back with open arms excited to be rid of his dangerous adversary I’m sure. Seeing the box he was quick to ask us if it was her head and we didn’t deny it. Taking us to a private booth towards the back we settled in while he prepared to open it. As he lifted the lid a spider servitor leaped out severing his head and running off with it and everything went to hell.

Grist’s psyker body guard started in on us as well as his giant bruiser. It took us several minutes but we were finally able to bring them down and make for the door. I think the with the commotions caused by a severed head being carried through the establishment and the fleeing patrons that the guards must of had their hands full since few raised any attempt to stop us.

I think that we’ll need to be even more cautious in our return to her for our prize. I do not trust her.




Krugsdemise Krugsdemise

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